Here some questions and answers regarding the primer catcher

  • Does it work for other presses than the Rock Chucker IV

Yes! Currently, only the RCBS Rock Chucker, the Rock Chucker II, the Rock Chucker IV/Supreme, the Rock Chucker Junior and the RCBS Partner presses are supported. Outside of the RCBS product line, there are some other manufacturers like Pacific/Bair that are supported.

  • What material is it made of?

They are made out of thermo-plastics (PLA and ABS) and printed on a 3D-printer. That makes the final product a little bit rougher than an injection molded one, but injection molding is for the low production numbers simply too expensive ($15k-$25k just for the mold). On the photos, you see the blue ones out of ABS, they are the smoothest, the PLA and other colors have the typical 3D-printed surface with small lines and slight imperfections.

  • What comes in the package?

You will get the primer catcher, the tube and a tube plug.

  • Really a life time warranty?

Yes. If it breaks during normal use and you need a replacement, send us the defective one and we will ship a replacement at no cost (as long as we still produce them).

  • What colors do they come in?

Our standard is a dark green, but we also offer neon green, black, blue, yellow and white (and if you really want - pink).

  • Can you personalize it?

Yes, for a small up-charge, we can print your name on top of the catcher. With more than 10 characters, it gets pretty small though.

  • Is it easy to install and remove?

It is so easy, a caveman can do it. Here is a instruction sheet. Click here to download

  • What are "factory seconds"?

These are the ones that have more than minor optical imperfections, but still function just fine. This could be a shift between the layers, an incomplete tube connector, small holes in the back, warped corners.

  • Can you share the design or .stl files?

Sorry, but no. I shared the initial design for personal/non-profit use and removed it because people started to sell copies.

  • I saw some other/similar products on ebay?

Yes, there are some similar designs out there that are being sold on ebay and via facebook. They do not have the easy clamp on function and some other differences, and also do not come as the complete package with the tube and tube plug, but they most likely work as well after adjustments and buying the missing but necessary parts like the tube and tube plug.